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Realm Overview

A realm is a namespace in your tenant that isolates identities and applications from other realms. Each realm contains a unique set of directory, policy, event, application, and branding objects. On account setup, a tenant and realm are created for you. This realm is populated with your admin identity, a console application and an API management application. While some tenants may only need the use of a single realm, there are common use cases for multiple realms:

  • A need for multiple development environments - staging, QA, production
  • The desire to provide separated services based on different administrative domains
    (holding company delegating realms to its various companies, company delegating realms to its various brands, etc)
  • The desire to separate Admin Console and API identities and policies from those for an end-user application

To see how a realm fits in the wider Beyond Identity architecture, check out Architecture

Create a Realm with the Admin Console

Creating a realm from the Beyond Identity Admin Console is easy. Tap on drop down with your Beyond Identity Admin realm and choose "Create a realm". Enter the realm's name and top on "Create realm". Your realm has been created and you can tap the button to switch to your newly create realm.

Create a Realm by API

Realms can also be created by API. Before making any API calls you'll want to generate an API access token. Check out API Tokens for help creating an access token. Once you have an access token, make a request to the /realms endpoint below.

curl "https://api-$(REGION)$(TENANT_ID)/realms" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $(TOKEN)" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d "{\"realms\":{\"display_name\":\"$(REALM_NAME)\"}}"

Next Steps

Once you've created a realm, feel free to add an application. A realm can host multiple applications. Check out the next guide Applications.