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Version: v2

Add an identity

Before your users can use Beyond Identity or obtain a passkey, they need to be added as a member in a realm. This realm is like a container for different apps, settings and users. Each user needs thier own identity to access an application in that realm.

An identity is a unique identifier and an end-user may have multiple identities. Identities can also be part of a group or belong to many groups. Groups are commonly used as a predicate in a policy rule (e.g. Allow group "Beyond Identity Administrators" to access the "Beyond Identity Admin Console" application).

You can add user identities one of three ways:

  1. Beyond Identity Admin Console
  2. Beyond Identity APIs
  3. SCIM


  • Developer account
  • API access token

Admin Console

  1. From the Admin Console, under Directory, select Identities > Add identity.

  2. Enter the name, username, and email of the new identity you're adding.

    Add an identity

  3. Click Add Identity.


You can create an identity using the Beyond Identity API. The following examples show how to create an identity via API.


Collect DISPLAY_NAME, USERNAME and EMAIL from your users via a front-end form to populate these values.


  • DISPLAY_NAME is a string containing any name you wish

  • USERNAME is a string containing a unique, case insensitive username for the identity

  • EMAIL is set to an address that can receive email in the format ''

curl "https://api-$(REGION)$(TENANT_ID)/realms/$(REALM_ID)/identities" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $(API_TOKEN)" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d "{\"identity\":{\"display_name\":\"$(DISPLAY_NAME)\",\"traits\": {\"type\": \"traits_v0\",\"username\": \"$(USERNAME)\",

The response JSON will contain the id of the new identity, which you'll use in the next call to create a credential binding job.

"id": "e372db224c06e850",
"realm_id": "8f5bec58229e6f29",
"tenant_id": "0001f1f460b1ace6",
"display_name": "Test Identity",
"create_time": "2022-04-12T05:53:07.119Z",
"update_time": "2022-06-16T14:31:03.770Z",
"traits": {
"type": "traits_v0",
"username": "test",
"primary_email_address": ""

See Add a passkey for more information and next steps.