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Version: v2

What is Beyond Identity?

Beyond Identity is a passwordless identity access management platform designed to help developers implement passkey authentication to their applications and secure access for all their end users whether they are customers, employees, or contractors.

Unique to Beyond Identity, we eliminate shared secrets for sign-up, login, and recovery. End users are never required to type a password, enter a code, click a push notification, or pick up a second device for authentication across all devices.

Authentication with Beyond Identity is:

  • Universal, our implementation of passkeys allows for asymmetric key based authentication across every browser and device

  • Multifactor by default

  • Delivers real-time user and device risk signals that you can leverage to implement risk-based access controls that prompt for step-up authentication in scenarios you deem to be higher risk.

Backed by a cloud-native architecture, we built our platform for enterprise workloads. All SDKs use industry-standard protocols (OIDC/OAuth2.0) and include a sample app.

Beyond Identity provides developers flexibility by offering two deployment models:

  • Hosted Login: Beyond Identity prescribed user experience designed to make passkey adoption easy and simple for your end users
  • Embedded SDK: Client Libraries designed to handle passkey binding to an identity and authentication allow you to craft passkey authentication experience for your end users

What's next?