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Version: v2

Embedded SDK 🚀

See what you can do with Beyond Identity before you write any code.

The steps that follow allow you to, as a developer:

  • Register a new user: Manage user accounts and their passkeys.

  • See your passkeys: Identify available passkeys on each device. We create a record of available passkeys on each browser.

  • Authenticate with your passkey: Test the user authentication experience. You'll see how easy it is to use passkeys.

1. Register a User

Enter a username to create a passkey on this browser. Our Universal Passkeys work on any browser, even the ones where passkeys are not officially supported.

2. See your passkeys

See all the passkeys you've created on this browser. If you've gone through this demo before, you'll see passkeys for all the usernames you've registered in the first step.

3. Authenticate with your passkey

Select a passkey to authenticate with. This flow will take you through a fully compliant OIDC authentication flow without leaving the page that you're on.